According to a 2021 report by the World Economic Forum, only 26.1% of managerial positions are held by women. This highlights the continued gender disparity in leadership positions, despite progress made in recent years.

Women may possess certain traits that are beneficial for leadership roles, such as empathy, communication skills, and the ability to collaborate and build relationships. Women have historically been responsible for caregiving and managing households, which can translate to strong organizational and problem-solving skills in the workplace. This workshop walks through the innate brilliance that is hidden in our female biology – including understanding the phases of the monthly cycle and utilizing that for a powerful presence in the workplace. 

In this workshop, we cover - 

Tuning into Women’s Monthly Cycle to harness your innate intelligence

Women’s Brains vs. Male Brains 

Women Leaderships Habits 

Alpha Female vs. Gamma Female 

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How does SAASworld make money?
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