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Our Wellness Philosophy

We believe wellness is more than just the absence of disease. It is a state of balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit. Every Woman has the power to heal herself, and the journey to wellness is one that should be taken with intention and joy.
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Our Founder Dasha Maximov

Our Founder
Dasha Maximov

I created WhealthCo because I find that when women get together, we collectively heal and grow. Women's biohacking is inherently different and we need to address our cycle, our trauma, our hormones, our boundaries, and basque in the power of our inherent strengths as women.

My path from consultant to brain injury survivor to founder has led me to value the critical importance of stress regulation as the key to health. In these retreats, we always discuss how to manage and upregulate our HPA axis.

Management consultant for 9 years

Cofounder of Europe's largest health conference

Yoga teacher trained in India & the US

Health coach focused on thyroid and hormone health

Ulcer at age 24 from stress, 6 brain injuries before age 32

Brain-health advocate and coach

Meet Some of our Cohosts

Each retreat is cohosted with experts in their specific areas. These individuals have been handpicked and have years of experience in their individual fields. You'll learn about longevity, brain health, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and more.

Nat Co host

Nathalie Niddam

Certified Nutritionist & Longevity Expert

Chole Co host

Dr. Chloe Weber

Doctor of Traditional Medicine and
Founder of Radical Roots Herbs

Ian co host

Ian Mitchell


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