WhealthCo Intensives FAQ

What’s included in the cost of the retreat?

Your costs include everything once you land in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. This includes—pickup, nutrient dense and delicious meals, workshops with the cohosts, and activities throughout the time that you are here. This also includes a biohacking goodie bag with products that our cohosts love and (most importantly) use on themselves and their families!

Note: the cost of the flight is NOT included in the price.

Do I need to arrange my own transport?

We will have scheduled pickups and drop-offs to/from the Puerto Plata airport (“POP”). If you arrive in another airport, we can help organize transport (costs to be incurred by you). Please note that the other airports are approximately this far away from Cabarete (time depends heavily on traffic).

  • Santiago: 2-3 hours ($150 for taxi one way)
  • Santo Domingo: 3-5 hours ($200 for taxi one way)
  • Punta Cana: 5-8 hours  ($250 for taxi one way)

I have specific dietary needs, will I be able to eat the food during the retreat?

All the food during the intensive is prepared by our chef and catered to the needs of our clients. The food is a blend of typical Dominican food - vegetarian, fresh fish, and some meat. We will ask for any allergies ahead of time and will make sure to work around the needs of you and the other participants. If you have serious allergies, then, if we go to a restaurant, we will make sure you have an alternative option pre-made for you to make sure you are comfortable.

I’ve never been to the Dominican Republic, is it safe?

Yes! Dasha has lived in Cabarete since February 2021 and has never once felt unsafe. As with any travel, it is wise to be careful of having cash out, wear flashy jewelry, etc.. You’ll find people EXTREMELY pleasant, jovial, down to earth, and loving their island life!

Will I need cash?

You will not need any cash for the activities that are included as part of the retreat. If you’d like to purchase some gifts or have a cheeky fruit gelato when we go out, then it will be great to have some petty cash on you. We’d recommend approximately $100 (converted to Dominican Pesos). If you find that you need more, then there are ATMs in town where you can withdraw cash. Note - the country is heavily cash based. Most places do not take credit cards; or, if they do, they impose a hefty 18% tax.

I need to do some work during the week, can I work when I’m there?

You can…But we HIGHLY recommend that you don’t. Leave work behind. Use this time for you. For your restoration and rejuvenation, so that you can go back home with more energy. We as a society have forgotten to rest in order to then have more energy later. Trust us, with all that we have planned, you won’t want to take that time away from the activities, the connecting, the knowledge and the experiences.

What are COVID restrictions, requirements, etc.?

As a country, the Dominican Republic is open with no restrictions. No PCR or antigen test nor vaccines are required to arrive in the country. Masks are not mandated. Please take precautions as you see fit / needed. If you are travelling back to a country that requires a test, we will organize a nurse to come to your home to administer that test. This cost of that test is not included and can be paid for via cash or credit card.

Travel and Health Insurance

By joining this retreat, you acknowledge that there will be movement and other activities that WhealthCo nor any one involved with WhealthCo (cohosts, etc.) are liable for. We recommend that you purchase travel and health insurance for your time of the retreat.

There are various insurance that can help cover recouping costs if you are unable to travel due to COVID medical or travel restrictions.

 In the past, we have had clients use SevenCorners insurance.
*We are not affiliated with SevenCorners and cannot answer any questions regarding insurance.

Deposit, Payment and Refunds

To secure your spot in the health intensive, we require a 30% non-refundable deposit and a signed contract. The remainder of the payment will be due 1-2 months before the retreat. The timing of the remainder payment is dependent on if that retreat requires testing to be done beforehand. Once the full payment has been received, it is also non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, you may pass along your place to a friend (pending that they are accepted to the retreat).

Should I bring my supplements and any snacks?

Bring any supplements that you take on a regular basis. However, if you’ve been on some supplements for a while. This might be a nice opportunity to cycle off of them for a week and not bring them. See how you feel

For snacks, we will have plenty of food and snacks, however, if you are a grazer / snacker and have ones that you just LOVE, then bring them. (Bring some extra too and share with you are favorites are! 🙂

Do I need to purchase a SIM card / WiFi?

Your telephone service from the US will usually not work unless you switch on “international roaming” as part of your contract. You will have Wifi in your villas for calls to home in the morning / evening. We would recommend taking this as an opportunity to switch OFF from a constant wifi connection. You’ll rarely be using it… so save the money and turn off the roaming 🙂

Do I need to speak/understand Spanish to join?

No, Spanish is NOT required to come on this retreat. You’ll have the opportunity to try speaking Spanish with locals, however, this is NOT required. All workshops and classes will be in English.

What should I pack?

We will send you a detailed packing list once you have signed up. The most important thing is to pack a curious mind and open heart.

What's included in every retreat?

  • Puerta Plata Airport pick up and drop off
  • 5 days accommodation in a beach villa in the Dominican Republic
  • 3 anti-inflammatory chef-prepared meals per day and snacksConnection & Community! You will walk away with up to 8-10 new like-minded friends
  • Assisted Resistance Stretching session
  • TRE (Tension/Trauma Release Exercises) class
  • Breathwork & Cold Thermogenesis session
  • Dominican adventure off-site (horseback riding / waterfall hike)

What if I cannot come to the retreat, can I still join the WhealthCo community?

Absolutely, come on and join us in the WhealthCo community—this is a great way to get to be part of the community and learn / share your wisdom! Join for a small monthly fee and get involved! Join us here.