You have a wedding planner...
why not have a health planner?

Consults are a great way to get your questions answered and kickstart a health coaching program. Each health coaching program starts with a n initial consult where we get to know each other and confirm that we are a good fit. From there we decide what type of support you would want -- are the go-getter who needs a quick check in, or do you want more hands on help.

Our minimum commitment is 3 months so that we can really dig in and guide you on lifestyle changes that can help take you from low energy, fatigue, and distracted thinking to someone who looks forward to getting up and enjoying what the day has to offer! 

Initial Consult


  • 30 min call for Q&A and to get to know each other
  • Suggestions on best path for highest ROI
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to Get Started

Monthly Health Reviews

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  • 3 month minimum commitment
    1 initial intake call
    1 call per month
  • Introductions to our network of doctors and specialists
  • Access to Protocols & Ebooks
  • Suggestion on Products
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Optimization Coaching

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  • 6 month commitment
    1 initial intake call
    2-4x 60 min calls per month
  • Weekly Goal Setting
  • Data and Lab Review
  • Weekly Text Support
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Women Consult

top Things Our Clients Come to Us for

Sleep migration

Stress Mitigation

Stress is the #1 cause of ill health - from cardiovascular issues to thyroid problems. We must learn to manage stress so that we do not suffer the ill affects. We review lifestyle habits and potential things to add / remove into your day-to-day to harmonize your life.


Sleep Optimization

Approximately 45% of Americans report poor or insufficient sleep in the past 7 days. Poor sleep causes hormonal imbalance, brain fog, weight gain and more. Sleep optimization includes habits, sleep tracking, and different supplements and hacks that can get you back to feeling optimal.


Brain Health Optimization

Brain injuries, lack of focus, brain fog, lack of creativity and poor working memory. These problems are becoming far too common in our society. Learn what adaptogens, nootropics, and practices can bring your brain back in balance so you can bring that spunk back into your life.

Women Health

Women's Cycle Coaching

1 in 5 women suffer from painful periods, PMS, cramps that impact them every month. This is abnormal and entirely preventable. Learn how to sync your cycle to have less mood swings, more energy, less pain and more productivity.

We asked people what they like about the Consults & Coaching

    

In my one hour consult with Dasha, she helped me triage and prioritize what was most critical for my health. Dasha has an incredible ability to translate science into tangible things I can do to fit into my daily (crazy) schedule).


PhD Candidate

    

Six months of working with Dasha allowed me to optimize my sleep, have more energy, and lose weight around my middle. She organized it in an easy way and supported me such that I stayed with the program even when there were setbacks.



    

I loved this idea of a “health planner”. It’s so true, we trust our weddings to a professional, our finances to a professional, but our health we try and take on ourselves. Thanks Dasha for breaking health down to easy bite sized portions that I could incorporate into my travel schedule. It’s been amazing to be have more energy for both my team and my husband!

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