We provide practical tips and insights that participants can implement in their daily lives to achieve their health goals. Workshops can be provided virtually and in-person options. By investing in the health and well-being of your employees, you can create a more positive and productive work environment.
Group health workshops are an incredible way to improve the overall health and productivity of your team. Our workshops are designed to teach employees about biohacking techniques and strategies to optimize their health, such as improving sleep, reducing stress, and boosting cognitive function.

Tangible & Tailored
workshops and programs

Health tips that are possible to do

Scientifically backed product recommendations

Motivation for your team to get healthy together

Benefits of Workshops

Our founder was a management consultant for 9+ years and then became an serial entrepreneur.

We get stress, performance, and meeting goals while building a business.
We also know the science of health that will allow you to achieve these goals faster and with more fun!

Remove Stress

Reduce Stress

Stress is inevitable. Our workshops provide tools and products to help reduce and manage your stress.

Remove Confusion

Remove Confusion

Health can be confusing. Workshops allow for plenty of Q&A time to bust those health myths.

Unite Team

Unites the Team

Workshops can allow for fun out-of-the-box challenges that unite the team in a way outside of work.


Boost Productivity

Improve energy, brain fog, and motivation -- all things that are tied directly to productivity!


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During this workshop, we look into how we can optimize the brain for better performance.

Learn science-backed tools and techniques to manage burnout, build resilience, and reduce stress in personal and professional life.

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Sleep is the #1 impact to health. Fix sleep, fix your energy, fix your health.

Discover evidence-based strategies to improve sleep quality and quantity, enhance restoration, and boost energy and productivity.

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Women may possess certain traits that are beneficial for leadership roles, such as empathy, communication skills, and the ability to collaborate and build relationships.

Empower yourself as a female leader with expert strategies to identify and leverage your unique innate strengths, including productivity and creativity management aligned with your cycle.

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Brain fog, lack of focus, concentration, and learning how your cycle impacts your brain function!

Boost your cognitive function, memory, focus, and positivity with expert insights and actionable steps to optimize your brain states


Dasha’s expertise on mental health is second to none. She helped lead a valuable workshop for my company about habits, tips and tricks, and mindset as employees begin to start traveling and returning to the office more frequently. In these uncertain times, it is difficult to prioritize yourself and it is easy to lose track of your routine and habits when work gets in the way. Dasha’s presentation helped me realign my mindset and take ownership as I begin to travel more. Thank you Dasha!

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Partner at Fortune 100 Company


Six months of working with Dasha allowed me to optimize my sleep, have more energy, and lose weight around my middle. She organized it in an easy way and supported me such that I stayed with the program even when there were setbacks.

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Manager Holiday Inn

I loved this idea of a “health planner”. It’s so true, we trust our weddings to a professional, our finances to a professional, but our health we try and take on ourselves. Thanks Dasha for breaking health down to easy bite sized portions that I could incorporate into my travel schedule. It’s been amazing to be have more energy for both my team and my husband!

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Founder Fortune 500 Company