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women do not feel comfortable talking to family or friend or doctors about their health concerns

Why don't we know enough
about women's health?

Lack of openness and vulnerability

Research is non specific to women and 10-15 years behind practice

Products aren't always tested on women before market

Dosages differ between men and women

Women's hormones are constantly changing

Judgement and scrutiny amongst women

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“The time for women's health is now. We have technology, wearables, ease of information, and community. WhealthCo is bringing that to us in spades, I'm thrilled to be part of such a growing community of amazing health explorers!”

Pam Gold

Biohacker and Fitness Guru, Hackd Fitness
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“The women in this community are the tribe that I've been looking for in the past 20 years of my practice. They are smart and connecting the dots of health -- they are truly looking at it from an INTEGRATED standpoint!”

Dr. Nasha Winters

Integrative Oncologist

"This the women’s community I’ve always wanted! So many of us are from diverse backgrounds and at different stages of our journeys have come together to elevate women’s health. Science-based, evidence-based and n=1: it’s all here. COME ON IN!"

Natalia Lara

WhealthCo member and health explorer

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The global community of women health explorers

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