Find Comfort & Transformation
at Our Retreats

We understand that going to a retreat can feel overwhelming, but we believe that having a clear understanding of what to expect can help ease any reservations you may have. At our retreats, we provide a comprehensive guide to help you prepare for your healing vacation, ensuring that you have a comfortable and transformative experience.

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Education & Training

Experience a comprehensive educational program on nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, and optimization techniques at our biohacking retreats.

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Advanced Technology Access

Explore the latest advancements in wellness technology, with access to cutting-edge equipment such as biometric measuring devices, fitness gear, and experimental treatments.

Wheathcoo community and support

Community & Support

Join a supportive wellness community that shares your goals. Our network of health experts, enthusiasts, & like-minded women is here to encourage & empower you on your wellness journey.

Group Workshops

At our workshops, we believe in the power of a healthy team. By fostering a collaborative and productive environment, your team can tap into its creative potential and achieve great results. Our group workshops are designed to optimize your team's energy, empowering them to work together effectively. Discover more about our workshops and how they can benefit your team.

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Optimize your Health:
Individual Consults

Just like you have a financial advisor or a wedding planner, a health advisor can help guide you on this path. An individual consult will fast track you on your health journey. Every relationship starts with the first consult, from there we can assess which path is a best fit for you.

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Tailored for you. Practical and achievable. Tangible ways to apply health principles. Health made applicable to your life.



Connect with a network of health experts and doctors who can help you. These specialists are trained in wholistic prevention and care.


Curated Products

Health products that work. Curated from our own experiences with clients. We show you how to incorporate them into your busy life for full benefits.

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