Women's Leadership & Brain Reboot

October 17 - 22, 2023

women connecting

Welcome to the 5-day Women in Leadership Retreat - a transformative experience designed to help you unlock your full potential as a transformative and visionary leader through a unique combination of neuro focused leadership training, neurofeedback, nutrition, and functional movement. From workshops, to body work, to release of old stories , this retreat will challenge you and launch you on a new trajectory of connected heart and mind and improved self confidence.

What to expect

Oftentimes biohacking looks at the body, but forgets the brain and emotional body. During this retreat, we will look in depth into the topics of brain anatomy, emotional regulation, neuroplasticity, creativity, intuition and the unconsciousness of the brain. By exploring these areas, you will have a deeper understanding of the brain, states of consciousness and energetic body and how it relates to leadership, as well as practical strategies for applying this knowledge in your work as a leader. But, don’t think we are leaving it just up to the brain! We also will be speaking about how we can maximize the health of the body so that the brain can be at its peak. We will be covering how to optimize your nutrition, supplements, and traditional chinese herbs to support you in times of stress (aka - every day).

In 5 days you can expect:
- Measurable improvement in HRV & brain wave patterns
- Better creativity, attention, emotional reactivity
- Better communication internally and externally
- Education on reading and measuring your own improvement
- New energetic patterns and disposition to healthy habits
- Curated like-minded social group of driven women

In addition to the workshops, you'll be receiving a Brain Bundle (worth more than $1700) to take home with you to continue the brain training back home!

Get ready to return home as a new woman because this intensive is bound to exhaust, exhilarate and rekindle your brain and body so you can live with zest and vitality!

The retreat includes everything to recharge yourself

  • $1700+ value in brain optimization products from our partners (i.e., a curated list of companies that we use and trust)
  • 13+ hours of tailored workshops with Dr. Drew, Dr. Chloe and Dasha
  • 12+ hours of experiential modalities (e.g., resistance stretching, yoga, beach walks, red light therapy, ice baths, free time to try, horseback riding, waterfall hikes and more)
  • 5 days of access to international experts focused on Neurofeedback, stress management, creativity, and adventures to rewild you
  • 18+ hours Q & A / myth busters / exploration time
  • 2 Group coaching sessions for the 4 weeks following your return home to support your integration back into real life
And more!

Experience the best health modalities

Ice Bathing

The cold heals inflammation, trauma, stuck energy and emotion. It forces you to get out of your head and into your body. Relax into it as we guide you through it and make this an experience you’ll be proud to have conquered!

Bespoke Brain Training

Time with Dr. Drew to learn how to use the Sensai and create a tailored program to optimize your brain health. You’ll understand the nuances of the tool so you can continue your own training back home.

TCM Workshops

Sessions can release trauma. Better out than in… especially when it’s led by someone who is skilled and trained to support you and provide a space that is safe and healing.

Sunrise Beach Walks

We walk the walk when it comes to circadian rhythm. Get up with use at sunrise, get the UVA in your eyes, ground by walking barefoot in the water, and get ready for a brilliant day (and even better sleep).

Movement & Bodywork

Movement, stretching and fascia release is critical for your brain health. Get ready for squat breaks during the day, morning and evening walks. You'll also get to experience an incredible body work session with a local therapist.

Brain Bundle

Products we love, we recommend, and most importantly that we use ourselves! See below some of the companies that will be included as part of this retreat's take-home kit. You'll learn how to incorporate these products into your daily lives.

Health experts that guide you

Nathalie Niddam

Dr. Drew Pierson, DAOM

Dr. Drew has spent years analyzing and working with enlightened minds, peak performers, and titans of leadership.  Having dedicated thousands of hours researching neurology medical journals, Dr. Drew continually pursues extensive training on the most exquisite brain-enhancing equipment and technologies available in the world. He has performed over 75,000 EEGs and has been practicing Neurotherapy (EEG Biofeedback) since 1996. He worked in a large neuropsychological practice that treated children and adults with a variety of neurophysiological disorders. He specialized in attention disorders, depression, anxiety, autism, seizure disorders and many other medication resistant conditions. In his private practice, he has been creating real-time changes to enhance people's brain structure and function as a clinical neurofeedback therapist for 25 years.To round out his neurosciences foundation, Dr. Drew also holds his doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine DAOM, M.Sc. and prescribes herbs and other nutraceuticals to enhance cognition, mood, and more. Dr. Drew has also been heavily trained in a wide variety of other healing modalities, in addition to being a former Submariner and a Professional Chocolatier.

Nathalie Niddam

Dr. Chloe Weber L.Ac, DACM

A mama on a mission to bring the safest and most effective hemp oil to the market, she first created the Remy’s Revenge formula in order to help her sweet son, who has an impressively rare genetic disorder causing delays and catastrophic epilepsy. Dr. Chloe was drawn to Chinese medicine as a way to address public health issues. She graduated with a Masters of Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder and spent time studying at a hospital in Harbin, China.After graduating, Chloe co-founded a non-profit sliding-scale walk-in Chinese herb clinic. Working with Remy led Chloe to extensively study integrative neurology and functional medicine and has motivated her to find ways to help children with neuro-developmental issues and seizures. Chloe felt she could create a stronger formula combined with help would help Remy’s seizures which is how Radical Roots was born! Today, Dr. Chloe continues to formulate for Radical Rood and supports clients through her other company, Hidden Root Society, which offers custom herbal formulations for individuals who are ready to take their health into their own hands.

Dasha Maximov

Dasha Maximov

Dasha worked 9 years in the cut-throat business of mergers and acquisitions, suffered and healed herself from 6 concussions and hormonal imbalance, cofounded Europe’s largest health conference, and moved to a new country during this pandemic. She is the definition of resilience!  After witnessing the impact of her brain injuries on her physical and emotional body—she became fascinated with electromagnetism, light, sound, and vibration as healers. Dasha often speaks with corporates on how to incorporate biohacking tools and lifestyle modifications to ease stress, improve brain health, and be more connected with their teams and work they do.

Incredible 5+ days await

Arrival Day

Wednesday, October 17

  • Arrival!    (please arrive by 2pm ET)
  • Relaxation by the beach
  • Breathwork & ice bathing (yess!)
  • Opening Circle
  • Community Dinner

Day 2

Thursday, October 18

  • Morning yoga / sunrise beach walk
  • Structure & Function of the Brain, Emotions, & Brain States
  • Neurofeedback Training & Bodywork Time
  • Movement class
  • Nutrition & Supplementation for the Brain

Day 3

Friday, October 19

  • Morning Yoga / sunrise beach walk
  • Dominican waterfall 1/2 day adventure
  • Community dinner
  • Neurofeedback Training & Bodywork Time
  • Evening Yin Yoga

Day 4

Saturday, October 20

  • Morning yoga / 1 hour beach walk
  • Neurofeedback Training & Bodywork Time
  • Horseback Riding & HRV Training
  • Team Dynamics & Neuroscience of Empathy
  • Salsa Dancing Experience

Day 5

Sunday, October 21

  • Morning Yoga / 1 hour beach walk
  • Neurofeedback Training & Bodywork Time
  • Horseback Riding & HRV Training
  • Altered state decision-making for leaders
  • Breathwork & Meditation Class

Day 6

Monday, October 22

  • Morning Yoga/ 1 hour beach walk
  • Neurofeedback Training & Bodywork Time
  • Closing circle
  • Integration
  • Departure, 12:00 p.m.

*Biohacking Time is time that we have set aside for you to have an individual session with a massage therapist, a specialist in resistance stretching, or time for you to try out the various biohacking tools that we have available at the house.

Optional extended stay

Tuesday, October 16 – Wednesday, October 17

Cost: +$500

This extension must be confirmed at the time of booking so that we can finalize the accommodations and plan for our chefs to stay with us one more night.

Your extra night will include:

  • Tuesday afternoon Relaxation / Time for Bodywork
  • Tuesday Dinner with Dr. Drew, Dr. Chloe and Dasha
  • Wednesday Morning Sunrise Walk
  • Wednesday Additional Time for Bodywork & Reflection
  • Wednesday Morning Brunch

At our last retreat, many of the participants expressed regret that they did not have time for extra treatments as well as just “down time” to luxuriate in the beauty of Cabarete. For this, we have held the rooms for an extra night in case participant want to arrive early and ease their way into the retreat.

This extra night will also give you a chance for you to book additional bodywork sessions based on availability with the therapists you had seen (note: the cost of the extra treatments are NOT included in the $500.)


Imagine waking up to the sounds of lapping waves, walking 100 steps and being on the beach, and starting your morning with a sunrise beach walk followed by breakfast? Ahhhhhh.

We have reserved 5 separate houses for the retreat that are right on the beach. Each house is shared by 2 people with each individual receiving her own room. If you’d like to lower your costs and book 2 people per room, let us know and we can see what we can do. In this case, you may have a maximum of 3 people staying in your house. The house has a kitchen, living room, 1.5 baths, rooftop and rooftop shower!

Garden view

$8000 USD

Quiet, secluded, and just what you need to recharge. Your home for the week will be a duplex house right on the beach that you share with another guest who will have the beach view. Your room is equipped with blackout curtains and AC to ensure you have a lulling rest. Each home has a kitchen, living room, 1.5 baths, outdoor shower and upstairs deck for morning yoga and sunbathing.

Join with a friend and book a house for the 2 of you with a discount!

Please note, the images here are a representation of your potential bedroom.

On the water

Listen to the lapping ocean waves as you fall asleep. Your home for the week will be a duplex house right on the beach that you share with another guest who will have the garden view. Your room is equipped with blackout curtains and AC to ensure you have a lulling rest. Each home has a kitchen, living room, 1.5 baths, outdoor shower and upstairs deck for morning yoga and sunbathing.

Join with a friend and book a house for the 2 of you with a discount!

$8500 USD

Please note, the images here are a representation of your potential bedroom.

For your stay,  you get your choice of either having a water view or the garden view side of a magical two story house right on the beach. In the morning, roll out of bed to the lapping of the waves; in the evening, stare at the night sky and shooting stars. If you are coming with a friend, book an entire house for, and enjoy a discount!

Brain Bundle

The icing on the cake—a goodie bag worth more than $1800! We’ve collected the products we use and love and worked with these companies to provide full size bottles of these products. You’ll get to try them at the intensive, learn why they can help your health, and then take them home! Are you ready to learn about these products and how to use them?

Let's get started

The only prerequisite is that you must be able to walk for an hour in order to attend and that you do not have any serious brain injuries or medical contraindications. We have several outdoor adventures planned, and so we need you to be strong and fit to enjoy these adventures.

If you want to 10x (or more) your brain, your emotions, your leadership - this is for you! Schedule a call with us to interview and ensure that this retreat is the right fit for you.

Physical intensity:

Schedule a 15-minute discovery call
Nathalie Niddam and Dasha Maximov smiling, standing in water infant of a waterfall