Clear your schedule
Open your mind & heart
Be open to the unknown

Each WhealthCo Intensive is a 5-day healing vacation for women. Experience the tools and learn the techniques to boost your physical and mental resilience, improve cognitive stamina, and accelerate recovery.

Health modalities you'll get to try

Cold Thermogenesis

Ice bathing with a guide to reduce inflammation, remove trauma, and improve the efficiency of your adipose tissue (fat).


Use light therapy (red and infrared) to heal the skin. Or go deeper and provide even more energy to activate the mitochondria in your system.

Assisted Resistance Stretching

2-hour session that combines thai-massage, LDOA, and acupuncture. Release stored physical and emotional tension and blockages.


Focused time to answer your questions on nutrition, supplementation, movement, resilience, biohacking for women and stress management.

Nutritional Integration

Enjoy delicious nutrient dense meals that are focused on providing you with energy to fuel your focus, your workouts, and your gut health.


Hot stone or lymphatic massage varying from a light to an earthy touch to ease your mind and ground your senses.

Enjoy the beauty that is the Dominican Republic

Nature heals. It gets us out of our heads and into our hearts. Negative ions from the earth ground us and remove free radicals from EMFs, food, and stress. You'll be SURROUNDED by nature. Each morning we will have a sunrise walk on the beach. Get ready for some incredible sleep scores!

Dominican Republic beach with mountains as the backdropDominican Republic: Two smiling women hugging in the water in front of a waterfall
Dominican Republic lagoonDominican Republic: two flowers with white petals floating on lagoonDominican Republic: several bovine on a fieldDominican Republic: ocean sunset view

The experience is amazing

“Don’t hesitate! It’s worth every dime and every second of your sacred time. An absolute amazing experience! The information, swag, life hacks, and new relationships are worth their weight in gold. Let this passionate and knowledgeable power duo introduce and/or teach you the latest and greatest in biohacking as it relates to longevity and resilience. You’ll take home life skills that you’ll appreciate every day forward. In the hustle of life, it is essential to find time to reset and find balance. The DR will reset you and the Retreat will provide you the tools and knowledge to develop a powerful home regimen allowing you the ability to always reset, find balance and live healthier.”

—Jessica 46, CEO of Home, Mom of 2

“I walked away from this experience with a deeper knowledge of who I am and who I want to be. I felt that the community of likeminded women and the leaders (brilliant and generous in all ways) running the retreat was outstanding. It was the perfect mix of healing, restoration, peace and knowledge. Highly recommend it and hope to come back again.”

—Annie, 52, OBGYN, Mom of 2

“This retreat was so much more than I expected; I thought I would learn some helpful health related information and meet some interesting people. While those things did happened in spades, it was so much more, true community building and transformative experiences that resonated in mind body and soul. I feel refreshed with new energy for all life has to offer!”

—Rosalynne, 47, Art Dealer, Mom of 3

Select the Intensive that's right for you

Enjoy your rejuvenation at the upcoming Intensives. Gain energy, and improve recovery and sleep. Learn tangible steps for your individual health journey. Experience the best tools and supplements to aid your way. Interact with international experts who will answer your questions.

Lauren Sambataro
October 26–30, 2022

Come Home to Your Body

Join this retreat if you want to focus on the language of your body. Practice functional movement, understand the whispers your aches are showing you, and delve deeper into your body mechanics.

Physical intensity

Nathalie Niddam
November 9–14, 2022

Longevity & Resilience

Join this retreat if you want to focus on longevity, speak with Nat on peptides, and make sure that you are doing the right things for YOU for your health into the later decades.

Physical intensity

Dasha Maximov
Nov 20-25, 2022

Brain Health for Women

Join this retreat if you are feeling brain fog, lack of focus, or memory fatigue. Learn the power of nootropics and hormone health and how to leverage these tools effectively.

Physical intensity

Join the WhealthCo Community

Learn with women like yourself. If you're unable to attend one of the amazing Intensives, this is a great opportunity to get your health back on track—from home! Visit the community page for more details.