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The past 18 months have been difficult. They have made us question the fabric of everything we hold true. They have made us question our neighbors, our friends, politicians, partners, our choices, and ourselves. Since March 2020, there have been two steady things at play -
1. Constant emotions of fear and insecurity
2. A lack of focus on YOUR power to strengthen your immune system and become resilient and strong. Women are the foundation of society - we are the homeowners, the homemakers, the “neck that turns the head”. If a woman is healthy, strong and secure, you’ll find those around her are too! So, the question is -- what are you doing now to ensure that you, your body, mind, and spirit are boosted and resilient?
The intent of these HEALTH INTENSIVES is to unite, re-remember our power so that you come back not only invigorated but with an action plan for your health!
Each intensives focuses on women's biohacking and then has a focus based on the specialty of the cohost. The intention of this is so that you can choose to join the intensive that most resonates with you and what you are working with now on your healing journey.

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As part of these intensives, you will get to try the very best products out on the market for women today. These products are vetted and used by us. These products have helped us and our mothers, sisters, friends!

Products included in this retreat, include:

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