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Our health experts are women who have focused on women's health for decades. They are  doctors, researchers and health coaches who have overcome their own health travails and help others to find their optimal health. They come with a diverse set of expertise and backgrounds which helps to make our dialogue and intensives more well-rounded rather than preaching just one way of doing things! Follow each of these incredible leaders in women's health!

Dasha Maximov

Specialist : Resilience & Brain Health

Dasha is a health coach and brain health nerd. She has trained in yoga and Ayurveda in India, with doctors on deciphering lab tests, and is currently part of the Wild Health Fellowship. She finds her biggest teachers are nature and the immense power of physics to heal ourselves from the micro to the macro.

Dasha worked for 14 months with multiple doctors to bring her brain back from 6 traumatic brain injuries. The last of which caused amnesia, chronic fatigue, headaches, and hormonal issues. After witnessing the impact of her brain injury on her physical and emotional body - she became fascinated with electromagnetism, light, sound, and vibration as healers.

Today, she runs WhealthCo and is the unifying continuity and co-host between each of the health intensives offered. She's excited to welcome you to DR, her new home and light the way around biohacking the way she wished it had been shown to her!

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Nathalie Niddam

Specialist : Peptides and Anti Aging

Nat is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, an Apeiron Academy Epigenetic Coach and a self-proclaimed science geek with a passion for human health. 

Nat fought with ongoing health and digestive issues in her teens, motivating her to find ways to tap into her body’s own healing and repair mechanisms.

Today, she helps others facing challenging health complications to take control of their health through neuroscience, personalized nutrition, nutraceuticals, biohacking, ancestral health and resilience training.

She works with clients one-on-one and in small groups to tap into each person’s unique genetic code to personalize supplementation, nutrition and lifestyle in order to deliver results that last for a lifetime.

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Kristin Weitzel

Specialist : Breathwork & Women’s Cycle

Kristin is a certified fitness trainer, breathwork instructor, and nutritionist with a passion for guiding women to their optimal health. 

Her achievements as a former brand strategist, entrepreneur, and global marketer for Fortune 500 brands has given her the ability to travel extensively and continually discover how what we do affects how we show up in the world.

Today, her coaching and commitment to women’s health has helped hundreds of females take control of their biology, food, and fitness by creating lasting change to their habits and mindset. 

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Lauren Sambatero

Specialist : Chakras & Trauma

Lauren is a Certified Exercise Coach, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Pre-Post/Natal Wellness Coach. 

After graduating from Fordham University with a degree in Dance Performance,  she began personal training at NYSC, where she specialized in corrective exercise and its mental, emotional, and spiritual effects on overall wellness.  

Following her own battle with HPA-axis dysfunction, Lauren is now committed to helping others overcome health/stress-related issues through diagnostic lab testing and simple biohacking methods.

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