Brain Reset & Refuel

November 20 - 25, 2022

Destress, Plan, & Bust Those Myths

Join us for a 6-day nervous system reset in the lush, tropical landscape of the north coast, Dominican Republic. This is an experiential retreat of getting to know the ins and outs of your nervous system, your gut, and your brain. You are a busy woman and don't have time to read all the studies. Learn from our experts and get the shortcuts to your health!

What to expect

Learn tips and tools to fit health into your day-to-day life. This retreat is for the CEOs, the managers, the women who needs answers because they don't have time to research on their own! Come down for a retreat that will relax and provide you with tangible tools on what to do when you get back home!

Learn what practices can help set you apart from others. Learn about supplements and nootropics to keep your brain healthy and sharp. Learn from doctors, coaches and brilliant scientists from around the world.

Imagine walking away with more energy, and a better understanding of how to optimize your cognitive health. Get ready to have your mind blown!

Includes a day off for "Friendsgiving" —relax, eat, and enjoy your amazing new set of friends.


Everything you need for brain health

  • 1 session with Sensai neurofeedback
  • Access and ability to try top end brain biohacking tools
  • Gatherings with international doctors and researchers specializing in brain health
  • 5+ hours of live workshops on women's brain health
  • 2+ hours of experiential modalities (e.g., resistant stretching, yoga, beach walks, red light therapy, ice baths, free time to try, horseback riding, waterfall hikes and more)
  • Post-retreat: 1 group coaching session with the cohosts
  • Post-retreat: Access to WhealthCo group online platform for 2 months
And more!

Experience the best health modalities

Nervous System Reset

Practices and tools to calm down the nervous system, especially in times of anxiety and feeling out of control.

Neurotherapy Brain Training

Personalized sessions at the “brain gym” to get your brain sharper, faster, and better. This technology incorporates biofeedback and neurofeedback to entrain your brain via various 20 minute soundtracks.  

Red Light Therapy

Light is a healer. Gut and brain health can be assisted with light, specifically red light. Get to try this device before it even comes on the market and learn from the founder herself!


Workshops with global experts on brain health and hormones, supplements, peptides, light therapy, and nootropics. Each expert has spent 10+ years in their specific industry and is the best-of-the best.  

Brain Supplements & Herbs

Goodie bag filled with products that we trust, use, and love. No fillers, no poor supply chain. Just products that have worked for us, and our friends, and that may move the needle for you!

Dominican Adventures

Escape to a waterfall like no other. Get away from electromagnetic fields. Enjoy time without people, lines, or social media. Just you, our group, and a barefooted hiking guide.

Experts leading your cognitive expedition

This retreat is a SPECIAL in that you learn from multiple experts in their fields. Each workshop leader is renowned in their field of brain and women's health.

Dasha Maximov

Dasha Maximov

Dasha worked 9 years in the cut-throat male dominated business of mergers and acquisitions, suffered and healed herself from 6 concussions and hormonal imbalance, cofounded Europe’s largest health conference in 2020, and moved to a new country during this pandemic. She is the definition of resilience!  After witnessing the impact of her brain injury on her physical and emotional body—she became fascinated with electromagnetism, light, sound, and vibration as healers. On this retreat, Dasha will teach you the tools of stress management & resilience, including - ice bathing, breathwork, and explanation of curated, tested products that you will help you back home!

Dr. John Kim

Dr. John Kim is a  functional medicine pharmacist and the owner and head clinical pharmacist of  Robinson Drug and Compounding Center in New Jersey. As a pharmacist and specialist in functional medicine, preventative healthcare, and CBD, Dr. Kim is surely the man to trust when it comes to our pharmaceutical and healthcare needs. He has been in clinical practice for 15 years and he has been a foremost voice in health, wellness, and preventative medicine.  He received his Doctorate in Pharmacy from Rutgers University with High Honors and trained in Functional Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).  He actively lectures throughout the country and is an influencer within the functional medicine world to educate and empower everyday people to live a healthy fulfilling life.  His message is Doctor of the Future is You - the patient.

Nathalie Niddam

Nat’s been involved in the health industry since 1992. She became a Holistic Nutritionist in 2013 and is a member of the first graduating class of the Human Potential institute in 2015. As such, Nat’s focus has been on personalizing nutrition, health and energy optimization for her clients for the past several years. Since launching her podcast and growing Facebook group, Biohacking Superhuman Performance,  she’s expanded her practice into exploring innovative strategies from cutting edge biohacking technology to Bioregulator Peptides to slow aging for her clients. Nat’s latest Biological Age test shows her cells are currently 10 years younger than her driver’s license says they should be! She’s clearly doing SOMETHING right! As our resident expert in nutrition, peptides, and longevity, Nathalie will dive into her secrets of how to manage stress, maintain focus, and increase vitality through the years!

Environment Expert

Our expert in light will explain to us the impact of light (blue light, red light, etc.) on how you feel and what you can do doing to offset these negative side effects!

Incredible 6 days await

Day 1

Sunday, November 20

  • Arrival!
  • Relaxation by the beach  
  • Breathwork & ice bathing
  • Opening circle
  • Community dinner

Day 2

Monday, November 21

  • Morning yoga / sunrise beach walk
  • Wavi brain scan
  • Workshop 1: Brain Health & Hormones
  • Biohacking time*
  • Community dinner

Day 3

Tuesday, November 22

  • Morning Yoga / sunrise beach walk
  • Dominican Countryside adventure
  • Workshop 2: Supplements & Herbs
  • Community dinner
  • Bonfire on beach

Day 4

Wednesday, November 23

  • Morning Yoga / sunrise beach walk
  • Workshop 3: Nootropics
  • Biohacking time*
  • Community dinner
  • Salsa Dancing Experience

Day 5

Thursday, November 24

  • Morning Yoga / sunrise beach walk
  • Biohacking time*
  • Workshop 4: Neurofeedback & Wearables
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Cacao ceremony

Day 6

Friday, November 25

  • Morning Yoga / sunrise beach walk
  • Closing Circle
  • Integration
  • Gratitude
  • Departure at 12:00 p.m.

*Biohacking Time is time that we have set aside for you to have an individual session with a massage therapist, a specialist in resistance stretching, or time for you to try out the various biohacking tools that we have available at the house.


For your stay,  you get your choice of either having a water view or the garden view side of a magical two story house right on the beach. In the morning, roll out of bed to the lapping of the waves; in the evening, stare at the night sky and shooting stars. If you are coming with a friend, book an entire house for, and enjoy a discount!

Each house is shared by 2 people with each individual receiving their own room. If you’d like to lower your costs and book 2 people per room, let us know and we can see what we can do. In this case, you may have a maximum of 3 people staying in your house.

Garden view

$3500 USD

Quiet, secluded, and just what you need to recharge. Your home for the week will be a duplex house right on the beach that you share with another guest who will have the beach view. Your room is equipped with blackout curtains and AC to ensure you have a lulling rest. Each home has a kitchen, living room, 1.5 baths, outdoor shower and upstairs deck for morning yoga and sunbathing.

Join with a friend and book a house for the 2 of you with a discount!

Please note, the images here are a representation of your potential bedroom.

On the water

$4500 USD

Listen to the lapping ocean waves as you fall asleep. Your home for the week will be a duplex house right on the beach that you share with another guest who will have the garden view. Your room is equipped with blackout curtains and AC to ensure you have a lulling rest. Each home has a kitchen, living room, 1.5 baths, outdoor shower and upstairs deck for morning yoga and sunbathing.

Join with a friend and book a house for the 2 of you with a discount!

Please note, the images here are a representation of your potential bedroom.

The healthy brain's biohacking toolkit

This entire retreat is experiential. It is an opportunity to try these products and witness their incredible impact on your brain health.

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Let's get started

This retreat is for those women interested in optimizing their brain health to have better cognition, memory, and focus. Brain health is just like any muscle -- it must be used and trained! You must know how to train this muscle and what factors (environmental, etc.) may be negatively impacting you! Join us in Dominican Republic for some rest, some knowledge, and some time with truly amazing experts who speak on stages worldwide, all while having an amazing experience in a beautiful environment.

To join this retreat, you must be:

  • Curious about your brain health and how to optimize it.
  • Able to walk in the morning for 1+ hour and hike in the woods.
  • Open to more “yes” than “no”.

Physical intensity:

Schedule a 15-minute discovery call