Retreats? Courses? Coaching? Labs? — Where to Start??

October 21, 2022

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What should I do to get started on my personal wellness journey?

You have decided to take control of your health! CONGRATS!

Now begins the (potentially arduous) journey of getting started.

First things first — what NOT to do!

  1. Do whatever {fill in the blank} influencer is doing.
  2. Start taking supplements based on what you THINK your symptoms are.
  3. Spend a lot of money on products and gadgets.

Many people fall into the trap of the “shiny new toy” and purchasing the thing that everyone is talking about. PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT. The whole point of personalized medicine is to be PERSONAL about it. The things that the influencers are doing is NOT what you should be doing. These influencers have been doing this for YEARS. They are optimized. As someone starting out, you need to focus on the basics before getting into the fancy, shmancy.

No matter what marketers and yes, even doctors, may say — supplements will NEVER be the full answer. Supplementation is part of the journey and part of the answer, and you need you know which supplements are right for YOU.

The above also goes for products and gadgets. There are loads of amazing products out there, just as there are loads of subpar products that you just do not need.

So what should you be doing to get started in this personalized world of health, longevity and vitality?

What to do!

  1. Start with YOUR pain point.
  2. Realize this is a JOURNEY — there will be peaks and valleys.
  3. Surround yourself with healthy people.
  4. Invest more of your TIME than your MONEY.
  5. Be consistent.
  6. Track and measure to see what is actually working.
  7. Two steps forward, one step back is still progress.
  8. Be open to the “woo” and the unknown.
  9. Spend money based on what you are looking MOST for.

Start with YOUR pain point

It can be quite easy to listen others’ recommendations on where to get started. “Start with sleep!” “No, start with your gut health” “No, no, start with genetics”. Ultimately, the answer really is — start with YOUR pain point. If you have joint stiffness, start there. If you have low energy, start there. Start where you feel you can improve. If there are multiple areas, choose the one that has the most “burning of a fire” and is causing you the most amount of stress and annoyance. What you will find is that everything is truly connected, so if you on this journey long enough, you’ll get the other areas too!

Realize this is a JOURNEY — there will be peaks and valleys.

Many times people think biohacking will be the quick fix. Perhaps it is for some, and for others, it is an unwinding of decades of poor habits or use of their body. For some, it is an peeling of the onion that holds layers of trauma and fear which is resulting in aches and pains. Health is truly a journey and the quicker you get into this mindset of being an explorer of your health, the more this journey will be of curiosity rather than annoyance.

Surround yourself with healthy people.

Even the strongest person is weak around people who are toxic or lead toxic habits. Your friends and family influence you. If they are in a negative, unhealthy state, they will pull you down. If their Friday nights always involved drinking and partying, chances are you will be pulled into that lifestyle as well. Just like we socially distanced in 2020–2021, its okay to socially distance from toxic people. It doesn’t have to be forever. Just as you are getting starter and growing stronger in your health habits, seek to surround yourself with good people who uplift you and make you feel GREAT about life!

Invest more of your TIME than your MONEY.

Like we said before, it is easy to spend money in this space. You will be much better off (and your bank account too) if you spend TIME more than money in the beginning. Spend the time to understand WHY ice bathing is so important rather than spending thousands of dollars on an ice bath. Learn more via free podcasts and YouTube tutorials, so that you can be better equipped to then select which products, retreats, conferences or courses you DO want to spend the money on.

Be consistent.

Your dentist (and you) wouldn’t be ok with just brushing your teeth 1x per week, so why do we can get away without consistancy in other realms of health? Consistency will beat any new gadget or practice. It is also the hardest to do. Your health will thank you if you are consistent. Even if it’s just 10 minutes. Doing 50 squats a day and working your way up is much better than saving it for the weekend and attempting to do 350 in one go. Health requires daily action. Be ruthless with yourself, train your willpower, and be consistent.

Track and measure to see what is actually working.

The benefit of being consistent with your health habits? They will show up in your measurements! It may be boring to be consistent, but when you start tracking and measuring your progress, you’ll be quite happy. Tracking is one area where its smart of the spend the money. Testing (either in a lab, or qualitatively) can help you create a baseline upon which you can then improve.

Two steps forward, one step back is still progress.

Improvement will happen, it just may not be quite as quick as you wished. Health is a turtle — slow and steady. We want it to be a rabbit, and that’s what can, sometimes get us in trouble. This “trouble” comes in the form of quick hacks, short cuts which can cause overworking a muscle, ”herxing” a medication, moving too fast with a detoxification protocol, and more. Remember, again, this is JOURNEY, not a race. Plus, you are undoing years of ill health. Your body is brilliant, but it needs time to undo past wrongs :)

Be open to the “woo” and the unknown.

Many of us come into the biohacking world from a scientific, linear mind standpoint looking for one answer to a specific ailment. Health is anything but linear. Your answer may lie in something that involves the latest science (e.g., peptides, stem cells) or might be something “old” (e.g., Ayurveda, somatic bodywork, frequencies). Be open to what you don’t know. Much of what we thought was “crazy” is now being used as forefront medicine (just look at psychedelic mushrooms being researched for PTSD and other mental health conditions).

Spend money based on what you are looking MOST for.

Money spent on illness prevention now is much better than for health fixing later on. Health can be as expensive as you want it to be. An ice bath can be bought or can be built at home. Incredible kefir or kimchi can be bought or can be made using simple ingredients. Spend money on the health things that will help YOU most on this journey. That could be a course that someone has put together that will help you quickly understand your current ailment. That could be a lab test that will get to the root cause of your gut issue. That could be a retreat to better connect with likeminded women / men like yourself.

For me, I would choose to spend money on the following in order of hierarchy / priority. This is based on what I’ve seen is most effective for me. I’m a self-starter and in this industry, so I really like to UNDERSTAND and CONNECT with people. So, for me, I spend my money less on products and more on those things I value more — knowledge and guidance.

But that’s me…

Lab testing > Coaching & Retreats > Courses > Conferences > Products

Personalized health is exactly as the name implies, personal. Depending on your personality, you may need or want more guidance. You may be more skeptical and need more explanation. Health is exactly similar to those “choose your own ending” books where you get select where you go next.

Be your own advocate, choose your adventure, and enjoy the ride!